WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Democratic Mayors Association elected Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney as their new President, along with Vice Presidents Mayor Kate Gallego (Phoenix, AZ), Mayor Steve Adler (Austin, TX), Mayor Todd Gloria (San Diego, CA), and Mayor Paige Cognetti (Scranton, PA). Mayor Adrian Perkins (Shreveport, LA) was elected as Secretary, and Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway (Madison, WI) was elected as Treasurer. 

“I am honored to lead the Democratic Mayors Association and am eager to build on their achievements from the past two years, including mobilizing Mayors on progressive issues, leading GOTV efforts in critical states, and advancing historic election wins in cities across the country,” said Mayor Stoney. “As we head towards the midterms and future elections, we must amplify the Democratic voice in local politics and remind voters what Democratic leadership looks like with access to affordable housing, good-paying jobs, and high-quality education and healthcare. It’s time we shift our focus away from party divisions and get back to the basics - helping folks on the issues that impact their everyday lives. This is a critical moment for our nation and democracy, and Democratic Mayors are ready to lead the charge.” 

As Democratic Mayors Association President, Mayor Stoney will lead a network of more than 500 Democratic Mayors and put forth an agenda to improve the lives of all Americans by focusing on the most urgent challenges facing our country’s cities and towns, including jobs, housing, education, health care, voting rights, climate change, gun violence, economic inequality, immigration, and more. Mayor Stoney will serve a 2-year term as President concluding in January 2024. 

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